The Triple Burning Space

The triple burning space refers to three cavities in the human body: the thoracic cavity (the upper burning space), the abdominal cavity (the middle burning space), and the pelvic cavity (the lower burning space). It is called the triple burning space because it contains three parts that heat up the body, although it is not an organ but rather a cavity-like space.

According to The Yellow Emperor's Classics of Internal Medicine, the triple burning space is the irrigation official who builds waterways. However, it must cooperate with other internal organs, particularly the kidneys, bladder, and lungs. The kidneys and bladder have a yin-yang relationship, while the kidneys are connected to the lungs in the upper region. The lower burning space excretes water into the bladder, allowing the triple burning space to perform its irrigation duty.

Disorders in the triple burning space can cause various urinary symptoms, including suppression of urination, dripping of urine, and edema. The Yellow Emperor's Classics notes that excess diseases in the triple burning space can lead to anuria, while deficiency diseases can cause enuresis. Symptoms of triple burning space diseases include a congested abdomen, particularly hardness in the lower abdomen, anuria that creates a desperate desire to discharge urine, and retention of urine that leads to an accumulation of water in the body and swelling.

When there is heat in the upper burning space, it can cause cough and pulmonary tuberculosis. Excessive heat in the upper burning space can also cause perspiration on the forehead, abdominal swelling, pain in the rib region, dry tongue, scorching mouth, and blocked throat. Coldness in the upper burning space can cause inability to eat, vomiting of acid, pain in the chest and back, dry and sore throat.

If heat is present in the middle burning space, it can cause constipation, abdominal swelling, and cough. Deficiency and cold in the middle burning space can cause incessant diarrhea, indigestion, fullness in the middle, and intestinal swelling and rumbling.

When the lower burning space suffers from deficiency and cold, it can cause enuresis, incontinence of urination, and diarrhea. Excessive heat in the lower burning space can cause discharge of urine containing blood, urination difficulty, suppression of urination, and difficult bowel movements.