The benefits of TCM include:

  • enhanced organ strength
    • kidneys
    • liver
    • heart
    • spleen
    • stomach
    • bowels
    • bladder
  • ...reduced pain, clearer skin, enhanced physical and mental stamina, better digestion, less bloating, normal bathroom habits, better sexual function...

TCM is encompassed by the following modalities



Acupressure Acupressure stimulates the nervous and circulatory systems to reduce pain and move stagnant blood and lymph. 
Chinese herbalism Chinese herbalism uses medicinal plants, herbs, minerals, and animal products to produce a specific effect on the body.
Chinese nutrition Chinese nutrition is similar to herbalism. Each food is believed to have a unique structure that is very specific, including temperature, tastes, and functions.
Tongue assessment The tongue is an external organ that offers a glimpse into the internal state of the body. See the pics.
Pulse assessment The pulse is the combination of energy and blood, which offers additional insight into the state of the body.


How do virtual appointments work?

A virtual appointment includes a product (ZYTO Hand Cradle) and service (One-on-One Appointment with a TCM Practitioner). These are all included for $250.00. Return appointments are priced at $90.00. 

What is a ZYTO Hand Cradle?

The ZYTO Hand Cradle is an electrodermal screening tool that sends frequencies to your body and assesses the change in galvanic skin response (GSR). It helps to identify stressors and balancers. 

A Windows operating system is necessary to use it (Don't have one? Contact us)

What does a TCM Practitioner do?

A TCM practitioner from our website is a state-licensed and nationally-certified acupuncturist and chinese medicine practitioner. They may have you stimulate acupoints (via acuseeding/acupressure) and take herbal formulas.

How do I schedule one?

Please provide accurate shipping information and purchase an initial Appointment. The hand cradle will be shipped the next business day, and appointments can be made immediately after receipt of it.

Will we use Zoom or Skype?

Skype is the software of choice. Zoom is a good backup.