Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is a type of pain felt in the area of the abdomen. It can be acute or chronic, and can vary in intensity. In some cases, abdominal pain may be a sign of a potential medical emergency. Chinese medicine may be effective in treating chronic or recurrent abdominal pain, as well as some types of acute pain. Abdominal pain is typically divided into three regions for analysis: the hypochondriac region above the ribs, the epigastric region above the stomach, and the area below those regions. However, the exact location of the pain may not be clearly defined.


  1. Cold
    1. Excess
      1. mild to moderate pain
      2. moderate to severe pain
      3. severe, excruciatng pain
      4. external cold-dampness invasion
      5. with constipation
    2. Deficiency
      1. Spleen yang qi deficiency
      2. Spleen yang deficiency with constipation
      3. Kidney yang deficiency and edema
      4. cold and blood stasis in the channels
      5. cold accumulation in the Womb
      6. postpartum, with blood stasis
      7. with qi stagnation in the genitals
      8. in Penetrating and Conception vessels
  2. Heat
    1. heat in the yang ming with constipation
    2. toxicity-heat with right iliac fossa pain
    3. damp-heat or toicity-heat in the intestines
    4. toxicity-heat in the Womb
    5. acute, from summerheat
    6. lower abdominal, with urinary symptoms
  3. Qi Constraint
    1. Liver qi constraint
    2. with constipation
    3. Spleen deficiency, pain and urgent diarrhea
    4. with qi and blood deficiency
    5. with yin deficiency
    6. affecting Liver channel, lower abdomen and genitals
  4. Blood Stasis
    1. with hardness or a mass
    2. in the lower abdomen
    3. Liver qi and blood stagnation
    4. qi and blood stasis affecting shao yang
    5. following trauma
    6. in the intestines or Womb with heat
    7. benign gynecological mass with abdominal pain
  5. Food Stagnation
    1. with damp-heat
    2. purging the stagnation
    3. with Spleen deficiency
  6. Worms
    1. general strategy
    2. tapeworms
    3. roundworms