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Eleuthero (root and stalk)

Herb Extract Powder (100g)

Scientific Name: Eleutherococcus senticosus 

Colloquially: devil's bush, Siberian ginsengeleutherociwujiaDevil's shrubshigokatouch-me-notwild pepper, or kan jang.

Category: Tonifying Herbs - Tonify the Qi

Temperature: Warm

Taste: Spicy, and slightly bitter


  1. Tonify Spleen and Kidney qi
  2. Invigorate blood, unblock collaterals
  3. Augment Heart qi, calm the spirit


  1. Heart, Spleen, and Kidney Qi deficiency
  2. Blood stasis
  3. Heart qi deficiency


  • Internal heat or yin deficiency

Dosage: 9-30g


Frequently paired with ju xue teng and hong hua for blood stasis.

Pharmacology: Adaptogenic, cardiovascular, endocrinological, immunostimulant, metabolic, sedative.

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