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Herb Extract Powder (100g)

  • Direct Lung Qi Downward
  • Transform Phlegm
  • Stop Cough
  • Stop Diarrhea
  • Bind Up Intestines


Chebule is a traditional Chinese medicine ingredient that has a number of properties and uses. Its TCM patterns include heat, cold, wind-intestines, and phlegm-fire in the lungs. However, it is not recommended for individuals with unresolved exterior conditions. The ingredient is also known as "He Zi" in Chinese.

The main principles of using Chebule as a treatment include directing the Lung Qi downward, transforming phlegm, stopping coughing, stopping diarrhea, and binding up the intestines. In terms of properties, Chebule is considered neutral and targets the Lung (33%), Stomach (33%), and Large Intestine (33%) channels. It has a bitter (33%), sour (33%), and astringent (33%) taste.

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