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Herb Extract Powder (100g)



Atractylodes, also known as Cang Zhu in Pin Yin, is a herb used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for the treatment of various conditions related to dampness in the Spleen and Middle Burner, as well as Wind Cold Damp or Wind Damp invasion and Damp Heat in the Exterior. It is also used to improve vision. The tongue may have a thick or greasy coating in cases where Atractylodes is indicated. No pulse characteristics are listed.

Atractylodes should be used with caution in cases of Qi deficiency, Yin deficiency, sweating, or Exterior deficiencies. It has warm properties, affecting the Spleen and Stomach channels. It has a mixed taste of being both acrid and bitter.

In TCM, the treatment principles for Atractylodes include drying dampness, inducing sweating, strengthening the Spleen and Stomach, dispelling Wind Dampness, clearing dampness, and improving vision.

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