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Aconite (Prepared) Accessory Root

Herb Extract Powder (100g)

Aconiti Radix Lateralis Preparata aka "Fu Zi"

Aconite, also known as Fu Zi or Aconiti Radix Lateralis Preparata, is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herb that is used to "warm the interior and expel cold". It is used to treat various symptoms associated with yang qi deficiency, yin-cold, heart yang deficiency, spleen yang deficiency, kidney yang deficiency, cold-internal, wind-cold painful obstruction, wind-dampness-painful obstruction, and cold-obstructing the channels. The main ingredient in Aconite is Fu Zi (zhi), or processed Aconite. It is a hot and toxic herb that has an acrid taste.

Treatment Principles

Aconite is believed to work by reviving yang, tonifying the fire of the gate of life, tonifying kidney yang, assisting the yang, dispersing cold, warming the channels, and relieving pain. It is traditionally used to treat symptoms such as faint or thin pulse. However, it should not be used in cases of yin deficiency, true heat and false cold, or pregnancy, as it may be contraindicated in these situations.


It is important to note that Aconite is a toxic herb and should be used with caution. It is typically prescribed in small doses and should be used under the guidance of a trained healthcare professional.


Aconite is a hot and toxic herb that has an acrid taste. It is believed to affect the heart, kidney, and spleen channels.

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