Verdict is in: Obesity is #1 Top Reason Americans Seek Out Acupuncture

This NY Times article was written in response to the conclusion of the London International Bariatric Surgery Symposium last November. This is essentially the greatest minds in obesity, coming together, and not concluding on the cause of obesity. 

I will tell you the cause of obesity.

It is energy balance. 

Energy in, energy out.

  • excess caloric intake beyond one's daily metabolic needs

Energy in, energy out.

Many people feel chronically sluggish, heavy, fatigued, and bloated. This is a sign that one of your acupuncture energy systems is out of whack. 

There are 12 main acupuncture channels related to digestion, absorption, and elimination.

  1. Lungs (i.e. carbion dioxide elimination)
  2. Large Intestine (i.e. elimination of matter)
  3. Spleen (i.e. elimination of pathogens) 
  4. Stomach (i.e. digestion)
  5. Heart (i.e. peptide)*
    1. acts as a diuretic by communicating with the kidneys on sodium reabsorption 
    2. channel branch connects with the stomach?
  6. Small Intestine
    1. nutrient absorption
  7. Kidneys
    1. excretion
  8. Bladder
    1. excretion
  9. Pericardium
    1. this channel runs through the spleen and stomach
  10. Triple Burner (endocrine)
    1. this channel runs through each organ
  11. Liver (liver failure)
    1. metabolism
    2. ...
  12. Gallbladder
    1. digestion of fat

Acupuncture is a stimulator. Depending on where the needle is placed, it will have any number of physiological effects. The acupuncture channels are the foundation for 


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